Dog Trainers

Think less about training and more about decompression and enrichment.

Ho-Bo Care only recommends Positive Reinforcement Trainers.  We do not recommend using shock or prong collars.






"Because Training your Dog is Loving your Dog"

Denver, CO 








A Good Feeling Dog Training

Thornton, CO



The Misha May Foundation

Lakewood, CO



Marissa's Dog Training LLC

Out of the Dog House

Littleton, CO

House of Dog Training

Colorado Springs, CO

Paw School

Denver, CO

Grace Dog Training & Behavior

Lakewood, CO

Noble Beast

Denver, Co

Gigi Moss Dog Training

Boulder, CO

Deb Nabb - The Mutt Master

Need more suggestions?

Check out the group below to find a Positive Trainer

in your area:

Positive Dog Training Colorado Facebook Group 

Education for You




It's all about the paws














Canine Enrichment for the Real World - Allie Bender and Emily Strong

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