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"Adopt a Boxer, adopt a friend for life"


It is our goal at Ho-Bo Care to have successful adoptions. The following criteria greatly increases the chances that our dogs will find their forever home. If this is your first time owning a boxer, please refer to our boxer breed page.  

Steps to adopt 

  1. Read ALL of the information below.

  2.  If you meet the requirements and are ready to adopt, apply!

  3.  A volunteer will call you for an interview and home visit. Ho-Bo Care is run entirely by volunteers, so please be patient with us. We do try to get to all applications within a week or two. PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH US AND PLEASE ONLY APPLY IF YOU ARE READY AND SERIOUS ABOUT ADOPTING!

  4. Once your home visit is completed and approved, the volunteer will discuss which dog or dogs may be a good fit for your family and schedule you to meet them.  While we understand that a picture may draw you in, please do not select a dog based on looks alone. We do our best to get to know the dogs so that we are finding the best homes for them. We will not place you on a waiting list for a specific color or look.  

  5. Once a match is found, adopt!




Not all dogs require a physical fence, but some do. If you do not have a fence you can still adopt.  Each dog is evaluated and placed in homes we feel would be ideal for them.

An electronic or "invisible“ fence does not meet our adoption criteria. All invisible fences use a form of a shock or vibration collar, which is not allowed with us. Invisible fences also do not keep other animals or people that could be hazardous to your dog out of your yard. We teach and train our dogs with positive reinforcements and praise, and we feel invisible fences are contradictory to this kind of training.

We are a Colorado rescue and most adopters must live in Colorado.  We are able to adopt to some parts of Wyoming and Nebraska.  

All pets that live in the home must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations.​ If there is a medical reason this can't be done for a current pet, a letter from the vet will be required.

If you have children under 5, we will only place a dog that has lived with young children.

We do not place female dogs in homes where there are already female dogs.  This is because we want our adoptions to be forever and the likelihood of females fighting with each other in the future is higher than a male/female combo.  Once they reach maturity, at age 3-5 years, they tend to reach a point in their lives when living with another female becomes an issue. While we understand this isn't always the case, we choose to not take these risks.

If interested in adopting two dogs, Ho-Bo Care recommends adopting a bonded pair OR waiting a minimum of 6 months between adoptions.

Puppy Policy:  Puppies need lots of time and attention. Therefore, we will not place puppies in homes where they will be left alone for long hours. We will not allow any adopter to pick a puppy by the picture or choose based on looks or color. Adoption decisions will be made upon meeting the puppies. Ho-Bo Care will not adopt two puppies of the same age together at the same time.

Everyone in the home must be aware of, and agree to, the intent to adopt.

Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue will not place any dog as a "gift" or "surprise."

If you rent, you must provide the name and number of your landlord. Applications missing this information will not be followed up on. Please be aware of any restrictions your landlord or HOA has about pets PRIOR to applying. 

If you ever decide you can't keep a dog adopted from us, the dog MUST be returned to us. - Once a Ho-Bo, always a Ho-Bo.

Adoption Fees

Puppies 6 months and under: $500

Dogs 7 months to 7 years: $400

Dogs 8 years and up: $300*

*Adopters age 60+, the adoption fee is $250 for dogs 8 years and up.

Bonded Pairs $550

Why do we ask for these fees? We pay at a minimum the following for each dog that comes into our care: 

  • Fees to get the dog out of the shelter and transported

  • Spay/neuter surgery

  • Vaccinations

  • New collar and Ho-Bo Care ID tag

  • Microchip and registration

  • Heartworm test

Adoption Application Form

Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue is under NO obligation to adopt an animal to any individual.

Dogs are temperament-tested by our volunteers/foster homes and their health and temperament are monitored prior to placement, but we can make no guarantees. Animals in foster care and adopted out by Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue are not warranted for health or behavior/temperament and not released until the dog's health permits. This includes spay or neuter surgery. Dog licenses are the responsibility of the adopting family.

We can make no guarantees on age or breed.  


Upon adoption, copies of all available records will be provided to the family. All animals are spayed or neutered prior to placement, and are current on vaccinations. An adoption contract is required when the animal is placed.  All dogs are microchipped prior to adoption and the microchip information will always stay registered to Ho-Bo Care.

By submitting this application for the adoption from Ho-Bo Care, you hereby give your veterinarian(s) and other references permission to disclose information to Ho-Bo Care. You also testify that you have read all of the above criteria and are prepared to adopt.


If the application is incomplete (questions not answered), you will not get a call back.

Complete your Adoption Application HERE

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